Affordable website designs by SCE Web-Design

It would be fair to say we dislike terms and conditions immensely. Our aim is to be fair and totally transparent, without hidden costs or small print. Realistically, we have to safeguard ourselves and be fully verbatim to gain the transparency we strive for. Hence we give the following guidelines and apologise for having to do so.

  • Free Hosting is what it says. It is not recommended as the major search engines take it less seriously. To benefit from full E-Mail (send and receive from any computer worldwide) plus much more, upgrade to paid hosting for a minimal fee. Paid hosting includes enough web space and bandwidth, assured uptime and full and immediate support.

  • Any domain we purchase on your behalf remains our property until you have completed one (1) year with us. Monthly payment clients can buy the domain from us, at anytime, for a one-off fee of 25.00. With all other packages the domain name becomes your property on payment to us of all money owed for work agreed and undertaken.

  • Free updates and support are for one (1) year, renewable thereafter on a yearly basis. Domain registration is yearly (2 years .co.uk) and will be chargeable. Our current charge is £25.00. Paid hosting is renewable yearly for just £50.00. We cannot make any guarantees for free hosting or if paid hosting or domain registration is not supplied by us.

  • Free updates do not apply for any free hosting account. All updates are subject to "within limits". We would not be prepared to re-design your site every month, as an example, after initial agreement and upload. We will be more than fair but do ask the same of you.

  • Unlimited pages (ultimate package) are also subject to "within sensible limit". We will naturally be happy to discuss and quote for any size of website.