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Established for around 20 years, we have carved a niche in low cost website designs, for every type of business and individual, regardless of where you are located. We have designed & built, maintained & managed for both new and existing businesses. We will give you a low cost, static website that looks professional and gets you noticed. If you don't have a website you are losing potential new customers daily, giving your competitors an edge. You are not allowing existing customers to see any current offers. Your website is your "24/7/365 shop window". Contact us today and get yourself online now.

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The DIY website's you will have seen advertised and possibly been tempted by are good, if you are happy with a template? The initial low costs can look very appealing, but, just how much will they end up costing you, after a year, 2 years, your business plan is probably for many years, what will the cost be then? Do you have the time to build and then maintain? Wouldn't your time be better spent on your actual business? Family time? If this is the route you fancy, carefully work out the long term cost, over 3+ years, 5+, maybe 10+ it's probably far more than you initially think? Once committed, it becomes harder (if not impossible) to opt out, you might not be able to keep your domain name! If so, you will lose organic ranking! It really is something you should consider very carefully, thoroughly check the small print, especially when we can offer a low price, with no ongoing costs (apart from certain renewals).

Do I Need A Website?

Everyone running any type of business, really should have a website, in fact, as much exposure and advertising as possible. Regardless of what you do, service you provide, how busy you are or where you operate, your website serves more than just a single purpose.

Most people think of a website to just generate new enquiries and income. Whilst it will certainly do this, it will also do so much more. Unlike a 'one-off' and usually more expensive advert, your website is working 24/7/365 and for probably less than any one off advertising option. Generating new business will obviously depend on numerous other factors, it's not usually an overnight magic potion, but it is truly a must have and should, generally, be looked at as a long term investment. With us, initial cost is extremely low, zero ongoing monthly costs (unless you choose our low cost monthly option) and yearly domain & hosting renewals less than a take-away coffee per week.

Your website is also very much a statement, online, of who you are, where you are, a reassurence of integrity, your website should ideally give your contact details, phone numbers, address, details about you, it shows existing and potential new customers that you are not some anonymous advertiser, someone with no digital footprint, someone who might be here today and gone tomorrow. Having a website will help give the reassurances that you and your business are trustworthy, contactable, a genuine business that can be trusted and relied upon.

Your website should be looked at in various ways. To obviously attract new enquiries and immediate income, from new customers searching for the service you offer, but also as a way of showing potential new customers, you are a legitimate business. Less than legitimate companies will rarely have a history, an address, a website or digital footprint. Your website is also a fantastic reference, past customers might remember your name but have misplaced your business card, if your trading name escapes them, a quick online search will usually help them find you, without a website, they will likely have just found your competition.

Generally, the longer you have had your domain name and website, the higher major search engines will organically list you. Hence the importance you should be placing on having your site from as soon as you possibly can, anyone running a business, without having a site, is simply putting themselves behind every competitor, with one.

Do you need a website? When you need something, a service, a business, what do you do? Personally, I quickly search online, unless I know someone able to help. I might ask a friend or family member for recommendations but most of the time, I look online. This is probably what you do, probably what your potential new customers are also doing. So, yes, you do need a website! And as a legitimate business expense, it's 100% tax deductable.

We don't believe you should spend more money than you need to. If you simply need an attractive website to attract new business and promote what you offer, every SCE Web Design option has all the features you will need included and with price options to truly suit everyone. Without ongoing monthly charges, (unless of course you opt for a monthly deal), we truly have the website design you need, at a cost you really can afford. Every website comes with optional E-Mail facilities included, allowing you access from anywhere, anytime. We have no hidden extras, we are fully transparent at all times, we have existing clients throughout the UK and welcome new clients from any area.

  1. Low Cost & No Monthly Charges Low Cost & No Monthly Charges
  2. Pay Monthly Option Available Pay Monthly Option Available
  1. Your Website From Just £150 Your Website From Just £150
  2. Every Website Is Mobile Friendly Every Website Is Mobile Friendly

We design each new website to your specifications from scratch, we do not use templates, we do not use WordPress themes. We have been designing websites for over 19 years and every website now built, is always optimised to be fully mobile friendly. We have designed numerous websites and have achieved consistent high ranking search engine results, on every occassion. Over the years we have seen how much harder it is to obtain the domain name of your choice, this is why we would urge you to secure your preferred domain name, today, not tomorrow. With most searches for a specific business or genre of business now being searched online, not having some kind of internet presence, is a severe detriment to you and your business. Why continue to give your competitors an edge?

Our terms of business are straight forward, we truly offer full transparency at all times. Once you have agreed for us to design & build your website, we will require a 50% deposit, this is generally completed by Bank Transfer giving you added peace of mind. Once your website is "Live" and to your total satisfaction, the balance is immediately payable. We will submit to all relevant search engines but will not make or give any assurances of their listing you. This is not something we or any other website designer has control over. It must be said, we have never had a site not accepted, but we cannot and do not promise anything we cannot control. Unless you require ongoing work or ammendments, or have opted for a monthly payment option, we make no ongoing/monthly charges. Future ammendments will generally be charged from £25 depending on what changes you require. You will have an ongoing yearly charge, to renew your Domain Name & Hosting via ourselves. The cost of this will be made clear before any design is started, first renewal will be payable approximately 10 months after initial design began, charges are for a full year, renewals are simply required before the full year, as non refundable once paid. You are not tied to us ever, you are under no obligation to renew after initial year has finished.

Everyone wants to know "How Much" and if you have looked around, it's unlikely you will have seen many prices advertised? We are transparent at all times, we don't hide our prices but please do appreciate each website is individual, hence costs can vary. We can offer you a mobile friendly, single page website for just £150. We offer our pay monthly option for a 3-5 page site, (£25 per month with just 6 months initial payment - no contract or further commitment, beyond the 6 months). Our average cost is £295 (you supply all content) or £395 (we supply content from your brief) for a 3-5 page site.

Please feel free to contact for a free, no obligation chat and to discuss your needs in further detail. Our advice is always free.